Perfect Line

by Perfect Line

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released December 3, 2012


all rights reserved



Perfect Line Paris, France

Perfect Line is a rock power trio based in Paris, France.

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Track Name: Hard Times
Tension / Attention

Upset at night
Tired in the morning
Gone in the week end
You work you ass off

You say you want
More than I can give you
You don’t know
How it hurts
Brighter smille
Gimme gimme gimme
Like You used
To do before
Don’t feel trapped,
Please don’t leave me,
We have more to share my dear

As time flies by
Comes more tension /Attention
A year passed now
Take it easy now my love

I know you are the right one
If now we go through those hard times
Be certain i’ll do my best to keep you Home

Talk, talk, we can talk if you wanna
Talk, talk, if it makes you feel better

Day & night we need mor elovin
Day by day, the fight goes on
I love you
Nothing more to say
Dance with me, nothing’s wong
Track Name: Perfect Line
Shut up
Be Quiet
Wait for your turn
Be polite

Hold on
Come on
It’s your turn
Don’t be long

Too late for the perfect line
Leave it there

Next time you’ll be surprised
No delay

By Now, you should somehow
Understand the reason why
Be nice, Show me hoow
You treat your Mom and Pa


Next time You’ll know what to say
Next time you’ll have no regrets
Next time Ask her number
Tongue tied you missed the sign

Track Name: Sunbum
Yawning *2

Hiding in the shadow of a palmtree
Nobody wants to see him

He’s stuck under the sun
Begging for a dollar or a smile
Shadow of himself
He’s jus t a …

Sunbum , Laying in the sand
Sunbum, Waiting for the rain
Sunbum, Hoping for a change
Sunbum, Nothing more to say


At night
Rows of sleeping bag
Mind your step
Watch your back

He knows his life’ s a bore
But the sun make him number everyday
Shadow of himself
He’s jus t a …
Track Name: Little man
Morning, Waking up, Feeding my son
Shower, Washing up, Time to go on
Every single day that same old song
With the radio screaming how the world goes wrong

Breakfast, Creeping up, Begging for crumps
Coffee, Boiling up, Burning your tongue,
Plastic toys lying everywhere on the floor
And the radio keeps on scaring us all

So innocent, you don’t care
So fragile, I can’t help
Feeling scared for
You have time little man
Be innocent, as long as you can
We’ll build a better world for you

That’s it, no more fun, time to move on
Get your stuff toghether now
No matter how hard it gets you’ll overcome
Make that sick sad world a little better

My choice, your turn, It won’t take long
Pride only comes if you don’t have it all
Our twisted world won’t have the last words
It’s up to us, turn it back, rejoice
Track Name: Space Diving
Staring at the stars
Diving in the night
Infinate dark garden
I’m floatin into space

Half awake
Stuck between realities
Waraped in a black curtain I lay

Half asleep
My mind can see clear
I’m nothing more than A grain of sand

Falling upside down then gone
Riding on a comet tail I come
Surfin a cosmic wave then gone
Following the nova’s trail I come

Space diving
Mind Floating
Soul Lifting

Light breezin
Time Stopping
Space diving

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